Rio’s First Litter

The Boys Are Back in Town!

This spring, Rio had three beautiful baby boys. Lovingly referred to as the Volcano Litter, their names were inspired by the three volcanic cones of Kilimanjaro. We are calling them Kibo, Shiro (Shira) and Wenzir (Mawenzi) until their forever families give them permanent names.

Their individual photos are below, and we will continue to add updates as they grow.

Yes, Sire!

It was our good fortune to obtain Columbia Gorge’s Wolf Of Dodgeville Cotons as the sire for this litter. Wolf is a rock star! He’s a fun-loving, easy-going, strong, athletic, happy guy! You can find his photo at the bottom of this page.

A Dog’s Tale


Kibo, Rio's firstborn, is a tricolor male who weighs 9.5 oz. He is mostly white with a slight mask.


Second in line, Shiro, is a black and white male and weighs 7.9 oz. His markings are more dominant.


Born last, Wenzir is a tricolor male and weighs 8.1 oz. He has the most dominant markings of the three.

Three Little Lads

Apparently there are no puppy rules when warmth and comfort are concerned. They crawl all over one another to get comfortable, oblivious to any impact of bodyweight. However, the others don't seem to mind much.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

The puppies can walk on their wobbly little legs and like to spend a bit of time playfully gnawing on one another. After a few minutes of activity, they’re back in bed to recharge.

Baby Face


We call him the gentle giant. Kibo is good-natured, sweet, lively, and playful. But he is also muscular and athletic. Nothing seems to bother him—he‘s pleasant every second of every day. Today he accidentally rolled down the side of a thick pillow, landing matter of factly and with excellent recovery—cartoonish and hilarious! Every visitor melts into a puddle over this puppy. 


With nearly perfect markings on his face, and beautiful black patches on his back, this puppy is an all-star in many categories. He‘s quick, inquisitive, and shows his affection most liberally as a cuddler. Shiro demonstrates impressive stamina in play. But, like an easy baby, he plays the role of sleeper by snuggling contentedly and falling asleep in our laps. He has endeared himself to us from day one.


Wenzir currently employs the most darling hop to move quickly in any direction. As the smallest in the pack, he has learned how to hold his own with the big boys! When Wenzir gazes at us with his adorable eyes, we wonder if anything could be sweeter. Watching this little package of cuteness creates overwhelming feelings of affection for this precious puppy.

My Name Is...







Had to Let ’Em Go

These puppies have given us much during their weeks in our home. We're grateful for everything we've learned and for their patience with us as new breeders. They made us smile a hundred times a day and left us with endearing memories. Thank you precious volcanoes for being such stellar little Cotons. The pleasure was ours.

Forever and Ever

Meeting the forever families of these puppies has been a sweet ending to our time with them. Each is providing a wonderful, well-suited home, setting them up for success. The puppies have already begun performing their Coton duties—bonding with their people, giving affection, striving to please, entertaining, comforting, snuggling, charming with good behavior, making new friends and just maintaining the reputation of their fabulous breed. Well done, guys!