Her Name Is Rio

Violet Crown’s Princess Rio of Estrella Mountain Cotons

A big name for a little girl, but as a purebred Madagascar Coton de Tulear, she’s rare, royal and registered with the MCPC. Although Rio’s pedigree outranks everyone in our family, she is very modest about it!

A Companion Extraordinare

Typical for the Coton breed, Rio is devoted, adoring, quick to learn, eager to please and an ideal pet. She loves to perform, never failing to bring smiles to an audience. Most recently, Rio expanded her repertoire of tricks by learning to “sneeze” on command! Ironically, she’s now the only one who sneezes in our home because we are not allergic to her!

Rio’s First Litter

This spring, Rio had three beautiful baby boys, aka the Volcano Litter. They enchant us with every adorable move they make. And boy, are they growing fast!

A Dog’s Life

I’m Game

Whether she is wearing a feather boa, sporting a pair of sunglasses or posing with the remote under her paw, Rio plays along with the silliness.

Straight from Rio

“Let’s face it. I love my people. I know my job and I do it well. If they garden, I garden. If they go on a walk, I go on a walk. If they teach tricks, I learn tricks. If they eat, I eat. If they read, I...well, I snooze.”

Every Dog Has Its Day

The 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro got this girl's attention. She stayed by the TV, seemingly for the pleasure of hearing her name come through the speakers over and over and over again!

Once Upon a Time

Just a Babe

One of her first days with us. Rio was trained well and has been an outstanding ambassador, making friends and winning fans with her cheerful disposition and good manners.

Just a Princess

Still Princess in this photo, her name eventually became Princess Rio. It was chosen to honor her Estrella Mountain, Cotons on the Cumberland and Columbia Gorge heritage, and to reflect our area and culture as well.

Just Like Old Times...

So much fun when Rio and her sister had a puppy play day reunion in Texas. They made up for months of separation by romping tirelessly through the back yard.

Rio’s Lineage


Estrella Mountain Cotons’ If the Wind’s Blowin’ I’m Goin’ of Blue Mountain Cotons 


Cotons on the Cumberland’s The Zephyr of Columbia Gorge Cotons. This is him as a youngster—one of the cutest puppy photos in the universe!

Rio Stats

Birthdate: September 1, 2012
Tri-Color Breedable Female
Weight: 9.5 lbs.