Welcome to Violet Crown Cotons

How It All Began

Puppy Love

Our daughter began asking for a dog about the time she learned to talk. Over the years, her desire for a real dog grew along with her stuffed toy dog collection! Yet, we avoided acquiring a pet due to family allergies. Finally, in the pages of a book titled Sneeze-Free Dog Breed, we found our answer: a Madagascar Coton de Tulear!

Fur Realz?

We were looking for a small, smart, friendly and good-natured puppy—one that could fulfill many roles, from happy lounger to playmate for an energetic child. We wanted a trainable, easygoing companion with stamina for outdoor day trips and excellent manners for spending nights in the homes of friends and family. Our Coton, Rio, has fulfilled these and other desires. Some angels choose fur instead of wings!

Boy, Oh Boy!

After four wonderful years together, we hoped this lovely girl could pass down her endearing qualities to another generation. With the invaluable assistance of a few outstanding breeders—along with the cooperation of a fine black and white stud—Rio now has given birth to her first litter of three precious males.

Long Story Short

The Madagascar Coton de Tulear

We are happy to be affiliated with the Malagasy Coton de Tulear Preservation Club (MCPC) as a Code of Ethics breeder. Required DNA testing for all breeding Cotons helps us ensure the future health and well being of this wonderful breed.


My Three Sons

Rio's puppies were born on April 10, 2017. At every opportunity, we go to the puppy pen area, formerly known as the dining room, to see those sweet boys. They have absolutely stolen our hearts! For photos of their development, check out our Volcano Litter Page. www.violetcrowncotons.com/the-volcano-litter

Living the Good Life

Puppy Culture provides insightful, innovative training to help breeders give each and every puppy a strong set of life skills. We consider it a privilege to offer this program that builds confidence and equips puppies to thrive in their new homes.


Contact Us

If you're interested in Rio's puppies or have questions we may be able to help with, you may reach us at: violetcrowncotons@yahoo.com